ARKA 20m

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Dimension: 20 m (length) x 9 m (width) x H 4.5 m (height)

Fabric: 650 g/sq or 850 g/sq double PVC fabric.

Frame: Single line hot galvanizing  Steel tube post with mechanical door at the front and back

Bay length: 1M (21 groups)

Door size: W 3,7 m x H 3,8 m

Arched shelter with stattics – robust, stable and economical

Extra stable, PVC arched shelter with statics and a distance between the vertical arches of only 1 m. This increases the stability, load capacity and sturdiness considerably in comparison to products with a standard distance of 2 m between the vertical arches. Arched shelters are the alternative to permanent building structures, since they are as stable as a warehouse, but are as economical and flexible as a tent. The rounded shape reduces force effect and offers maximum protection from weather conditions. As a result, goods, livestock and machines are effectively protected all year round from sun, wind and rain.




Width: 9 m 
Length: 20 m
Area: 9 m x 20 m – 180 m²
Ridge height: 4.5 m
Gate dimension: W 3 .7 m x H 3.8m

Possible uses

  • Creation of sheltered storage and working area
  • Safe storage of weather-sensitive, industrial goods and materials
  • Protected parking area for large vehicles such as lorries, camper vans, caravans, vans, boats and yachts
  • As a stall for livestock or a barn for feed, wood and hay in agriculture and forestry
  • As a workshop or production area
  • Weather-resistant shelter of construction areas
  • As a wind and weather-resistant sales and exhibition area
  • Suitable for temporary and long-term use


  • Extremely high stability achieved through the arched construction frame
  • Guaranteed stability in the case of high stress
  • Diameter: approx. 76 mm(vertical) / approx. 60 mm(horizontal)
  • Wall thickness: approx. 2 mm(vertical) / approx. 5 mm(horizontal)
  • On each gable wall there is a main gate, that can be opened upwards using the simple pulling device
  • The vertical steel poles are inserted into each other and fixed using M 10 screws (double bolted)
  • The horizontal steel poles are bolted to the horizontal arches (M 12 screws)
  • Flat round-head screws with self-locking nuts are used for bolting
  • Depending on the surface, the tent is fixed to the ground using 3 anchors per foot for either hard or soft ground.
  • The anchoring for both surfaces are included in the delivery. Concrete anchors (M 12) and solid, 1 m long ground nails (M 16) are included in the delivery
  • With ratchet fastening mechanisms on the feet, the roof is easily and accurately fixed, tautly over the steel construction
  • Comfortable entrance on the gable walls simplify fast access to the arched shelter


  • High-quality, moulded PVC tarpaulin with waterproof internal fabric
  • 650 g/m²  and  850 g/m strong PVC
  • Fire-resistant PVC
  • Certified for temperatures from -30 to +50 Celsius
  • High UV resistance and outstanding UV protection
  • 100% waterproof


  • Detailed assembly instructions including labelled parts enable simple, fast assembly without previous knowledge
  • Self-assembly possible
  • No foundations necessary
  • No planning permission required in many cases
  • Note: we recommend the use of a lifting device (forklift, wheel loader, etc.) for erecting the construction and a roller scaffold, scissorlift, etc. for assembly.

Delivery information

  •  The tent is delivered in several or one packages.
  •  A forklift capable of carrying 1.6 t is necessary for unloading the crates.

Technical Details